Register of interests

Councillor Marc Bayliss

I, Councillor Marc Bayliss a member of Worcester City Council, GIVE NOTICE that I have set out below under the appropriate headings my interests which I am required to declare under the Worcester City Council Code of Conduct and I have put “none” where I have no such interests under any heading.

1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation
Description of employment activity Name of Employer or Body
Self - Director, Worcester Research Ltd; Sessional Lecturer, Birmingham Uni.
Wife - Case Worker for M.P. -
2. Payment or Provision of any other Financial Benefit
Name of Person or Body making Payments
Worcester Conservative Association
3. Interests in companies and securities
Name of Company/body
Worcester Research Ltd
Wife: Worcester Research Ltd
4. Contracts with the authority:
Description of Contract
5. Land in the area of the authority
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
6. Any Tenancy
Description Address/Description of Property/Nature of Interest
None -
7. Licenses to occupy land
Description of Contract Address/Description of Property/Nature of Interest
Office 6, 6 Sansome Walk, Worcester WR1 1LH -
Wife: None -
8. Declaration
Marc Bayliss, 14th December 2012
Marc Bayliss 26th June 2013
Marc Bayliss 21st June 2014
Marc Bayliss 16th July 2015
Marc Bayliss 13th July 2016
Marc Bayliss 13th June 2017
Marc Bayliss 26th March 2018
Marc Bayliss 2 July 2018