Committee structure

Overview and Scrutiny

These Committees and the panels and working parties set up to consider specific issues, are the way in which the council has organised the scrutiny function for Councillors not Members of the Cabinet.

Decision Making Committees

The Council operates under a Leader and Cabinet system of governance.  The Cabinet is the decision making body, and with the exception of decisions made by the Regulatory Committees and those reserved for decision by full Council, decides on the issues involved in the running of the Council business.

Regulatory Committees

These Committees are set up to consider and determine all matters covered by a particular Regulatory system.  The Planning Committee has the authority to determine all applications under the development control system, and the Licensing Committee and its related Sub-Committees deal with issues such as street collections, taxi licensing and matters under the Licensing Act 2003.


The Standards Committee comes into this category, its purpose to monitor the workings of the Council.